Friday, December 9, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

It's no secret Puff and I love to travel. Therefore, it's kinda given that we love to watch travel shows. Recently, Puff went on a total DVR binge of shows about Australia and New Zealand. (We've ruled out Tasmania as a place to go.) But oh, New Zealand. How I love thee!!!
I realize it's been a whole 6 years since I was there, but it's just engrained in my soul. And 2020 can't get here fast enough so I can take Puff and Bimmer (and maybe Bimmer's little sibling) with us on our 10 year anniversary trip back to the most amazing place on this planet. So... I know this photo isn't that great. It was taken with an old point-and-shoot digital (back before they were very good) but you still get the point. This was a bridge over the Shotover River, where we took the Shotover Jet... one of the coolest things ever! (HERE)
When we were watching one of the shows, they were at a river that was the most magestic turquoise color. Puff said out loud, "There's no way that's real. They must be using a filter on the lens." Um... no, Puff. I've been there. There really are rivers that clear and amazing. Not to mention every other fucking thing about the entire country that's amazing. ::sigh:: I'm getting myself all worked up here!
We still haven't decided if we'll hit up Australia while we're in NZ in 9 years or not, but I actually don't really care. I mean, sure, I want to go to Oz at some point, but those Kiwis just have my heart. And if I had to make the decision right now, I'd take a month off work, rent a van, and check out all the far flung corners of NZ with my family... hiking through forests just dripping green, drinking water straight from a glacier-fed creek, and chasing sheep in pastures with mountains looming in the background.
The Maori call the island "the land of the long white cloud." They're the original tree-huggers... everything being one with the earth. And I am so grateful for that. Because I know it will still be preserved for my family for years to come. I can't wait! Damn you Puff... now you got me so excited I won't be able to sleep for the next 9 years!!!

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