Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in Review

It became sort of a tradition on my old blog to post a year-end recap of all the exciting things that happened throughout the year. A look back at the wacky, wild, and wonderful year of 2010 in the life of Gail & Puff!
January - Welcomed in the new year by spending 4 straight days sick on the couch, while rocking the most hideous plaid PJ pants you have ever seen. And I decided I still hate boats.
February - A hoity-toity restaurant misplaced our Valentine's Day reservation but we also visited a museum with lots of naked lady paintings, complete with some monster bush.
March - Sported a tiara and pink veil while drinking lots of rum with my college buddies. Oh, the good ol' 420 days relived!
April - Sported a tiara and pink veil while drinking lots of rum with my high school buddies and my ex-boyfriend. Nothing weird there.
May - Donned the white dress, took lots of fun photos at an abandoned building, married my best friend, drank some rum, ate some cake, and had a grand ol' time. Topped it off with a week away in the Caribbean. Even though neither of us like the beach. Or boats.
June - Kimhead got to shake hands with the lead singer of Lifehouse and I was crazy ass jealous. My parents came to town, as did The MIL, and we had a ridiculously pointless follow-up reception. On the bright side, my parents took us out for more rum afterwards. I swear I'm not a drunkard. Celebrations, like marriage, just involve some alcohol from time to time!
July - Puff and I went to Hilton Head with some friends and tried to go sea kayaking. It kicked our butts and we hated each other for it. We will be headed straight to divorce court if we ever have to do that again. Then we went to Chattanooga to look at black-lit gnomes and I got hit on by a tour guide in a cave. In front of my husband. And he didn't even try to cock-block the guy. I married such a sweetie!
August - August is hot and sticky and gross in South Carolina. So we didn't do much. The one day we did try to get out to the mountains, it ended up raining. I had a big week at work too. And it made me hate women. More so than I did already.
September - I started this blog in full force and got to share with you the ridiculous feats of Puff... like horseback riding around a ring and camping in our backyard. We went to an apple festival where I gorged on apple fritters. Almost made the hour drive, paying a ridiculous fee to park, and dodging 920834309 people in a crowd worth it. Almost.
October - What didn't we do in October? Race cars, good friends, food festival, trip up north, friends, weddings. And the weather was perfect. Maybe I wish it was October all the time.
November - Epic temper tantrum from The MIL, moving my best SC friend 100 miles away, and my normal hatred for Thanksgiving ensued. Yeah, I pretty much loathe November.
December - Great "Hell Week" at work followed by lots of festive fun for Christmas. Yeah, so I technically feel like I missed Christmas, but it wasn't that bad overall. Next year, we're staying in The Fort even if we have to drive back in 19034 feet of snow. I'm pretty sure my SUV can handle that, right?
So... our NYE plans are a late dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant, where I can orgasm over blackened halibut and get drunk on the best raspberry martinis in town. Then a weekend full of things only married people do, like outlet mall shopping & a scheduled movie date. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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