Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Um... in case you haven't gathered, winter is kinda coming. Now, I realize that "winter" in South Carolina isn't quite as bad as WINTER in Minnesota. But still... I moved south 11 years ago to avoid snow and cold and that horrible few minutes when you first get into a car that's been frosted over during the night. BRRRRRR!!!!!! (Although I probably don't have much room to stand on the whole bitching about weather right now, since it was about 70 degrees here yesterday!)
So, with that being said, I'm flashing back to November 2008 when Meg and I took our "Lesbian Extravaganza Cruise" through the southern Caribbean. This picture was taken during a mad dash back to the boat (um... pending storm anyone???) on the island of Barbados. Earlier that day, we had gone snorkeling with sea turtles and crashed the beach at the swanky resort where Tiger Woods had gotten married.
I wasn't in love with Barbados, but at this time of the year, anyplace with temps above 70 would suit me perfectly!

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