Monday, December 5, 2011

Man Candy Monday

Now, we all know my heart belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. However, I'm not exactly in love with Tony Romo's looks. Nope... he's no Troy Aikman. Heck, he's no Drew Bledsoe or Jim Harbaugh even. (Or remember John Lynch and Mike Alstott? ::sigh::) So, when it comes to picking the sexiest football player right now, I've got to jump teams over to Puff's... the QB for the New York Football Jets.
Meet Mark Sanchez. At the start of the season, he did this super sexy GQ article. You know that man was getting so much play already that this definitely pushed his social calendar to full-throttle. How could you resist him? Yum! (And that buttface up in Green Bay is totally just jealous of the Dirty Sanchez hottness!)
He can play QB to my center any day!

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