Monday, September 19, 2011

Man Candy Monday

It's been like a whole two weeks since I posted a hottie, so I thought maybe you were feeling a little underwhelmed by my ramblings and needed a dose of hottness to perk you back up!
Anyway, I know my man Troy isn't as cute these days as he once was, but that doesn't take away the special place I hold for him in my heart. I had this exact poster hung for years in dorm rooms and subsequent apartments. (I did like to litter my walls with hottness!) I wish I could've found my favorite pic of him from a magazine where his blue eyes just stared through your soul.
Regardless, this is how I find him the most sexy... younger, dirtier, primed and ready to make a play. I've never adored and admired another football player in quite the same way, nor will I probably ever again in my future. And one day, if Puff and I are blessed enough to have a son, the name "Troy" will definitely come into play.
So, for today, I'm just going to be a bit nostalgic to those mid-90s years when nothing could get in his way. And oh wow... how he sent my heart aflutter! In the whole of this world, there is probably no one other than Troy Aikman (and Robbie Williams) that would make me just buckle if I met them in person. To be honest, I kinda hope that never happens. I kinda like my fantasy.

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Anonymous said...

He still looks like a fish. :)