Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye Gosselin

I just have to share my glee. No more Kate Gosselin on television! Woo Hoo! Who's with me?

Now, I realize it's a bit absurd to be talking about my hatred for her when over the past X number of years, I've seen every single episode of her show. However, that's just because she's a very obvious train wreck and reality shows are my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. Plus, when it all started, she was much more tolerable and interesting.

 Then she got hit by the Diva Train.

Sorry, Kimhead, but I swear I just cannot understand for one frickin' second how you can be "on her side." She is a flat out crazy bitch! OK, no, I don't understand the stress of raising 8 children. But really... when you're raking in the dough from TV shows & books, living in a giant mansion, and employing a staff of people to basically do everything for you... how "stressful" can it really be? Where's the reality show about the lady in the trailer park raising her 8 kids on minimum wage? Now that I would watch. Shamelessly.

 Need further proof of this insanity?

Who would ever think that Sarah Palin would look like the sane one? LMAO!!!! This episode just sealed the deal for me. I'm sorry, but don't frickin' take your kids camping in Alaska and expect the same creature comforts as a 5 star resort! Are you a blubbering idiot?!?! And if your kids are having fun, aren't you supposed to suck it up for them? You're not supposed to yell that you basically are disowning them for enjoying themselves! I mean, I'm not a parent, but I kinda thought that was how it was supposed to work.

I can totally see how traveling cross country in a confined space will set your head spinning. I've been stuck in a car with family for 3 whole weeks on such an adventure, and we didn't like each other at the end very much either. But she's just totally over-reacting. About everything. I understand kids need rules and routines, but sometimes, life just deals you some shitty situations and you've got to just fucking roll with the punches. That does not make it OK to berate and put down and scream at people who are trying to help you; people who have stood by you while you've probably treated like them like shit for way too fucking long.

She makes me hate women.

Once it became "Kate Plus Eight" I would DVR the episodes and fast forward through her ridiculous meltdowns. I was pretty much over it once Jon left, since I was totally on his side. (For good reason, duh.) Alas, I am now short one show to watch, which shouldn't be hard to replace. Anyone know when "19 Kids & Counting" or "Quints by Surprise" come back with new episodes? ::insert grin::

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The Fischer Family said...

Yeah, I stopped watching after the divorce! I didn't really like her to begin with, but after the divorce I thought she went way off the deep end! At times I don't blame John for leaving her...she can be beyond neurotic!!! That's one train wreck I am glad we won't have to be exposed to anymore!