Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Puff is wrapping up a week-long trip to Germany. (Please don't come to rape & pillage me tonight!) In honor of his excursion, I thought I would post a picture we took when we were in Germany together back in May. (That day was recapped HERE.) In the small town of Schwerin, we popped into their cathedral to escape the wind.
I'm not madly in love with this shot, but there's something about it I kinda like. Just a peaceful reminder of a sweet, loving day of not much happening in some random town in Germany. Recently, someone told me that my life is a lot more exciting than I think it is. And for some reason, this picture, and thinking about that day on the train in Germany, made me start to accept that fact. Here's to many more grand adventures to come!

Bonus pic...

Some spoiled little man sent this to my email this morning from a hike in the Alps. Wish my company loved me enough to send me off to someplace like this! He promised to take me there someday, as long as I take him to see the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

Dude... you got a deal!

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