Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fatal Blow

We all have faults. It's just that some accept them and realize them differently than other people. These faults make us human. They make us unique. They shape the people we become.
In my man-hunting years, I used to like to ask guys their "fatal flaw." I'm pretty sure since I batted my eyes and stuck out my chest (in a low-cut shirt, of course) they were willing to play along. Some had ego issues. Some had confidence issues. Some had alcohol issues. Some had God issues. Some were womanizers. Some were giant nerds. Some were physically "off" in some way or another. Some were just boring. Puff says his is that he's too talkative. (Guess that must be what we have in common!)
So, it was easy to quiz my suitors about their flaws, but am I (wo)man enough to turn the tables to ask myself that same question? It almost feels like that job interview question you dread, where my answer is always that I have trouble delegating because I'd rather just work super hard and get it done myself. It took me some years to decide what my "fatal" flaw would be. Sure I've got other flaws. I will never, ever, think I am the hottest girl or the skinniest girl or the smartest girl or the funniest girl. No, not in the least. However, I will always think I am the most interesting girl in the room. I think I am the girl the guys should want to hang out with and talk to. I have something to say and I think you should hear it. No, wait, I know you want to hear it.
When I mentioned this to Puff recently, he looked at me bewildered and said, "Wow, I never knew you were that self-absorbed!" I'm not sure I ever thought of it that way. It's not like I'm always sitting around talking about myself. (OK, so the blog is a bit different!) I just tend to feel like I am significantly more well-rounded in my interests than a lot of women. Or at least in topics that men want to discuss. I honestly know about sports. I know enough about cars to get me by. And in a pinch, I can pull out some comic book references. (Maybe The Ex was good for something after all!) I have a wide variety of musical and movie tastes. I get pop culture. And in general, I just like to "shoot the shit." (Kimhead said guys like that.) I'm interested in a lot of different things and therefore, you should be interested in discussing those things with me!
So, what are your fatal flaws? Man enough to admit them???

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