Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm hungry...

One day recently, my boss and another co-worker were discussing their dinner plans. I joined the conversation by mentioning that night's menu was grilled steak and homemade au gratin potatoes. My boss looked at me like it was so weird to know what I was going to eat for dinner.
Let me back up a second and remind you of my undiagnosed, but oh-so-obvious, OCD. Sometimes, it's a hindrance. Puff will be quick to point out he sometimes hates me for having to sleep with a fan so I can hear the white noise and drown out all the other night sounds... namely his irregularly paced breathing. And don't even get me started on trying to sleep through rain... it's just impossible! But at other times, I think it really helps me. (In fact, I think it helps reign in my ADD, which is why that's also going undiagnosed!) I keep lots of calendars (typically 3, but at this time of year, it's 6, since we're so close to the new year) and DON'T YOU DARE think about writing on anything of mine with your unapproved handwriting. (Especially you, Kimhead! But that keeps me super organized and keeps me on top of everything and planned so I can be a good employee and structure my hectic life. And you can't really blame me for keeping a color-coded spreadsheet for my Christmas gifts. You know you want to pick on me, but really, you're just jealous that my OCD keeps me so organized that I can shop a year in advance and keep track of it all.

Back to that dinner conversation. When they probed a little bit more about my seemingly innocent plan for dinner, they came to find out that I may go just a wee bit overboard on the OCDness when it comes to groceries and such. The grocery list stays on the fridge and we add to it what we need. We try to only shop twice a month, so when it comes time to go to the store, I rewrite the list. So it's in chronological order of the layout of the grocery store. And yes, I walk through the store with my list and pen in hand and scratch off everything as we put it in the cart. (But surprisingly, I'm not a price hunter or coupon clipper.) But because we do this, I also do a menu for dinner twice a month. To me, it just makes logical sense. If you know what you plan to make for dinner each night, that sure makes the grocery trip a lot easier.
And don't tell me that you don't make your own menu! And that you don't type it up and hang it on the refrigerator.
OK, so maybe you don't. But dammit... 
Ahhh... just leave me alone!

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