Friday, December 24, 2010

Flash Bulb Friday

Happy Christmas Eve! 

Today is the best holiday in my family. I get to spend part of the day with my dad's family opening fabulous gifts and then the evening is when all chaos breaks loose at my mom's family. There will be at least 20 of us, if not 30 of us, at my grandmother's house this evening, with a pile of gifts so high you can't walk around it. And plenty of bourbon slush for everyone! It's always my favorite holiday memory, and this is the first year Puff gets to experience it! It will be such a change from just he and the MIL only! 

Anyway... today's photo is just a reminder of someplace warm. Because gosh darnit, it's cold and snowy and gray here in The Fort! I'm ready for spring. Or I'm ready to be in Mexico. Either works just fine. 

From Choice, Not Chance, to you and your family... Merry Christmas!

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