Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puff's Quips

One recent Saturday, Puff and I scheduled a date night. However, I had to work during the day and a football game's dismissal was mucking up our restaurant plans. So we decided to skip lunch and eat dinner with the old folks. We pulled up to a booth at all of 4:15pm.
During dinner, I commented on the music they were playing and how it seemed odd and that I felt trapped in a soap opera. Moments later, when the song changed, Puff lit up.
"I know this song! This is Yanni!"
Imagine my shock and embarassment as he proceeded to inform me that when he was in high school, he used to drive around in his big ol' red Buick and jam to his Yanni cassette tape.
I married a dork. But I love him anyway. 

And a new one from last night...

Me: How does this sweater look?

Puff: You're showing a lot of boobs. You need one of those things. (Gestures to his neck/chest area)

Me: A dickie?

Puff: Yeah, kinda like a dickie. Something that the Duggar's would wear. I don't know. Um... like a promiscuity blanket.

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