Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sounds of an Angel

Waking up early on a Sunday morning with church looming ahead is about as exciting to me as discovering an ass pimple. However, this past weekend was a bit different. I awoke with giddy excitement. It was Puff's choral debut at our church. (Yes, I'm officially an associate member of a Baptist church. Commence hysterical laughter. I'll wait!) Anyway... he had been rehearsing with them for the last month or longer (since The MIL told him to join the choir so he doesn't lose his "gift") and it was time to shine and sing some Christmas cheer!
I had to meet him at church, since he had to get there early to suit up in his stylin' robe and purple scarf-thingie, and was thankful when a fellow member asked to sit with me. Even though you don't talk through church, it's always nice to have company. When the preacher announced the start of service, the members of the choir entered from the rear and walked into the aisle. They sang part of a song there. But I couldn't turn to look for Puff. Why not, you wonder? Because every last bit of me wanted to look at him and giggle. For some reason, it just struck me as the funniest thing he could have ever done.
But I'm still proud of him. The choir sounded great, he didn't noticeably fuck up anything (hard to tell though... lol) and he was happy I was there to support him. Even if I couldn't look him in the eye because I was trying so hard to resist making goofy faces.

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