Friday, December 31, 2010

Flash Bulb Friday

Happy New Year's Eve!
Somehow, it just felt right to post a Christmasy picture today. It'll be the last one until next year, right? The reason behind this photo is that I'm still feeling cruddy about my decision to bail on Christmas with my family. I promise this will be the last mention of it though! I don't want to dampen the spirit of today's awesome holiday! It's a fresh start and a new beginning and it's time to leave all the crappy things that happened in 2010 behind us and celebrate the life and wonderfulness ahead!
Plus, I figured a train could symbolize moving forward, right? Eh... who am I kidding? There's no real, honest symbolism behind this. I pretty much picked it because I didn't want to post any photos from past New Year's Eve parties where my friends were drunk on the floor or puking in the bushes or humping random bartenders. Oh, the good old days!
So here's to a safe, but fun, new year's eve!
Rum for everyone!

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