Monday, December 27, 2010

Regret Me Not

Sometimes in life, we make decisions that we immediately regret. I have made it a point ever since my senior year of high school to try to live by the lyrics of a Robbie Williams song that says "No regrets, they don't work. No regrets, they only hurt." Why? Well, because gosh darn-it, he's totally right!
With the threat of 3 inches of snow through all of Kentucky (including the rural parts) and snow & sleet in the mountains of North Carolina, Puff and I made the difficult decision on Christmas Eve to leave The Fort early and drive back to SC. Meaning, we completely missed Christmas with my mom's side of the family. You know... the part of Christmas that makes it feel like Christmas. The part I look forward to most every year. The part that I'd been hyping up to Puff for months to get him prepared for the excitement and fun. Yeah... we fucking missed that part.
And I regretted the decision immediately. Especially when we went by my Granny's house on our way out of town to pick up our gifts. She was so sad. I almost cried. It was ridiculous. Right then and there, we should have changed our minds. But the thought of getting stranded on the side of the road in Podunk, Kentucky, and having to wait 14 hours for a tow truck while having to pee in a Ziploc baggie just didn't really appeal to me. And when I look outside now and see 2 inches of snow (or more??) on the ground in South Carolina, maybe it was the right decision. (They were saying last night those curvy, rural, inhospitable mountains we drive through could have gotten up to 12 inches!)
But yes, I rarely regret anything in my life. I can probably list less than 3 things that really, honestly made me upset for a long time that I truly, 100% regretted. It just sucks that missing Christmas had to be one of them. The phone call yesterday from Granny telling me how disappointed everyone was didn't help either. But at least I had my husband. We were together and safe and cozy in our warm house, while the snow fell outside. And I know it could have been a lot worse. It was a lot worse for other people out there.
Every once and awhile I throw myself a pity party. And I'm in the midst of this one still.

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