Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Get Too Excited

It's now, officially, time to take the biggest sigh EVER.
(Somehow, that seems a little anti-climactic.)
Anyway... my week from Hell is finally over! In the end, it wasn't all that bad. Numbers were up, profits were up, most people were happy, and the few cranky-pants who weren't just won't ever see me ever again. And I'm totally OK with that.
I prep all year for this one week, but that doesn't ever make it any easier. Think about it like when you were back in college and it was finals week. Like when you were having late night cram study sessions, complete with delivery pizza and a Zima (plus Jolly Rancher) and you realize that maybe you should have attended more than two of your economics classes, even though the professor was a giant douche-canoe and you didn't understand anything he was saying. Plus that business building was so far from your dorm! (Er... residence hall. Happy University Lingo Nazi?) That realization that you've got to stay up all night, all week, to learn all that new stuff, plus take all those other tests, plus walk from one end of campus to the other on no energy, no sleep, and low blood sugar. Yeah... my week was kinda like that. Times ten. Although, I did lose 4 pounds. Always a silver lining, right?
So as I start to take control of my life again, get the house in order, and refuse to iron Puff's shirts for the week, I will now be on a more normal posting schedule. I'm BAAAAACK!

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