Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Healey 7:52

This girl is so alert these days! Even more so than last week. She loves to be walked around and check everything out. Puff and I like to say her three favorite, ideal conditions are 1) being held, 2) walking around, and 3) being outside. Healey does get fussy in the evenings, usually between about 6:30pm and bedtime (sometimes less, sometimes more) and so Puff often walks her around the backyard to quiet her down. That also helps me get some quality time with Bimmer.
She's working on her head control and will definitely be able to start using the Bumbo in a few weeks, I can feel it. She's now taking 5 ounces in most of her bottles. And there are even a few of her sleepers that are starting to get too small because she's growing in length like a weed! We are also still working on not sleeping in my arms, and I am having her lay next to me some of the time at night. I can still give her my arm to cuddle when she gets fussy. We are just getting her out of the habit, inch by inch!
I've also been wanting to post this for a few weeks now, but she just does the sweetest thing in the middle of the night after her feedings. When I have her up on my shoulder to burp her, she likes to maneuver herself over to the outside of my shoulder so that she can lift or turn her head so she can see me. She always gives the sweetest little face. And when she is ready to go to sleep, she will scoot herself back toward my face so that her head is touching my face/head. Just that little bit of sweet touching makes my baby feel comforted and safe. I love every second!
One thing I always wondered about was what my girls would call each other. (Yes, I was secretly hoping it was not "Sissy.") Bimmer had been calling the baby random things, making up words really, but nothing super consistent until this past week. She has now seemingly settled on a nickname for the baby and has been using it enough lately that I have even found myself using it from time to time. So, what is it? Well, it's "Lolo." I have no idea where it came from, since that sound is not part of Healey's name, but hearing Bimmer whisper it so sweetly to her little sister, then Lolo it is.

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