Monday, August 10, 2015

Mountain Day

Puff likes to point out that he thought I was pretty broken during my pregnancy with Bimmer, but that it was nothing compared to how broken I was with Healey's. (He's so sweet, isn't he???) So after listening to him complain for months about not being able to get out to the mountains, I finally found a morning that didn't look too busy (nor too hot - this SC summer has been excruciating some days) and told him it was time to make the trek to the mountains.
We picked Jones Gap because it's a fairly flat and easy trail, which we thought would be best for both Bimmer and me. Especially since I would be carrying Healey and was 9 months out of shape. Oh yeah, and they have a bathroom, which is always nice!
Healey was in heaven. Remember when I mentioned in her 7 week update that she loves to be held, carried around walking, and outside? She looked around for awhile and then zonked out in the Bjorn and slept most of the actual hike. The biggest surprise to me was how much Bimmer loved it! She always is into sticks and rocks, so she was in heaven with all those new things available. She wanted to be the "line leader" the whole time too.
Until she stumbled upon a snake. Loud screams ensued.
From both her, and Puff.
He screamed like a little girl.
I will say that I am not the best mom in the whole "go ahead and be a kid and get dirty and it's totally fine" realm, but I was prepared this trek. I purposely dressed Bimmer in older clothes and packed a spare outfit. So when Puff introduced her to throwing rocks into the creek (river? stream?) I was content to sit with Healey at a picnic table and let them have their fun!
My little outdoorsy girl. When we finally left, she kept telling us that she had "sooooo much fun" and we have already made a point to look at future weekends that we have free to try out another easy trail. It felt so good to get out as a family! We cannot wait to do it again soon.

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