Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Lately: Baby Edition

Preface: Anyone else shop the Lilly sale this morning? When I first signed on, there were 42,000+ people ahead of me in line! I took that opportunity to get the girls ready, take Bimmer to school, and give Healey a bath. Of course it let me into the sale just as I was getting Healey dressed, so the poor girl had to chill out in her diaper while I did some shopping! I got Bimmer her Easter dress and some shorts and then went back an hour later and got myself a tank top and Healey a bathing suit. I was disappointed in the baby selection. Score anything good???

I go back to work the week after Labor Day, so I'm basically counting down days now, versus months. I have mixed emotions - I definitely have been going a little stir crazy being cooped up at home during this maternity leave, but I will definitely miss my naps. Especially the snuggly ones. It's no surprise to anyone that I take a lot of photos, and being home all day long with a cute little baby, I definitely snap quite a few of her. Maybe each day? Definitely each day... who are we trying to kid here?
So, today, just a smattering of some recent pics of my sweet, growing girl. My last baby. The last time I will ever have a 2 month old to call my own!


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