Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tiny Dancer

For whatever reason, Puff is super adamant that Bimmer take dance class. I took 9 years of it myself when I was young, starting when I was 4. For at least the past year, Puff has been bugging me to look into classes for Bimmer. Does he realize she *JUST* turned 3? I'm not into making some Tiger Woods prodigy here, bucko. She's a kid... there will be plenty of time for involvement.
And that involvement starts at the end of the month.
Once a week.
Until mid-May.
I really think Puff has no idea what he has gotten us into. I'm on board, as long as I don't become the sole dance ferry over here. I want her to do this, and more importantly, SHE wants to do this, but I can't do it alone.
We took Bimmer shopping last week to get all of her necessary dance gear. This sweet girl is so excited. She cannot wait to take ballet and use her "quiet tap" shoes too. (Still trying to figure that one out!)
I am so thankful that we are fortunate enough to give Bimmer these opportunities. I hope she enjoys it as much once she starts participating as she is enjoying the pomp and circumstance of the build-up.
Now where is my chauffer's cap?

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