Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Healey 8:52

Only four more weeks at home with this sweet snuggler! Ack... don't remind me!!!
I've noticed her being a lot more vocal this week... more coos and gurgles. She's also become a bit drooly. Not excessively, by any means, but just, at all. Whereas she hadn't been before. She smiles big toothless grins that take up her entire face. She loves her big sister and wants to watch her every move. She is almost ready to outgrow her size 1 diapers and has outgrown some of her smaller sleepers because she's getting too long. She is the most farty baby I know. I need to cut her finger nails, but she is so strong and fights it so much, it's nearly impossible. I'm surprised she doesn't have scratches all over her face.
This week also marked her longest car trip yet (several hours to Atlanta to visit the MIL), her first time in a pool (itsy bitsy teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikini), her first mild sunburn on her face (#momfail), and the worst poopy diaper situation to date through either girl (up to her nipples, changing her in the trunk of the car at a rural truck stop, outfit in the trash).
She has her cardiologist appointment coming up to check on our heart murmur - so I will be posting about that next update. Please, please, please say some prayers for my sweet tiny little baby that everything is OK!

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