Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Lately

You have no idea how excited I was to come back from The Fort in mid-March and see the pear trees in bloom. That meant spring was right around the corner! And as those past their peak, the redbuds and cherry trees and peach trees and forsynthia and daffodils all came out and it was magical. I didn't even mind (sorta) the pollen that was all over my deck and car and shoes and Bimmer. Thanks to some scattered rain, I didn't even notice that yellow tint to my car all that badly at first. I had a bad day at the end of the month, and just being able to drive around aimlessly for awhile with the windows down, blue sky, and GREEN on the trees - it was just what the doctor ordered. 

So we have definitely been taking advantage of the new warmer weather. I swear, Puff and I rarely ever used our deck prior to Bimmer's arrival, and now we spend so much time out there! 


Papaw got her a playhouse for Christmas that we finally assembled. 


Mamaw got her a bird feeder for Easter that she was excited to hang. The birds actually love it and we are refilling it all the time!


My step-sister had bought these pots from Target for her older kids to paint, but I had to have them. Bimmer wished there were a bunch more! she was so intent on trying to stay just on the bugs - and for her age, I thought she did a great job. Now we just gotta find time to get some plants to put in them for the summer. 
We went to a friend's birthday party and she got to play with the parachute - which she loved. The kid acted like we had never taken her anywhere in her life. Ever. She giggled and squealed the entire party like it was the best thing in the entire world.
And we attended a toddler class about animals. She loved it! Arts and crafts with Daddy plus some time learning about the differences between animal parts and human parts. I'm trying to enrich this kid's world as much as possible! And trying to do as many fun things for her before Healey gets here and steals any of her spotlight.

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