Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dive Right In

I've mentioned before that Bimmer is a serious water baby. No fear of the water. Whatsoever. Since the beginning. (Unless it's a shower - she doesn't care for a shower.) 

She was only 7 weeks old here!

Last summer, we did a month's worth of Mommy+Baby "swim lessons" at the local YMCA just because I thought Bimmer would enjoy some dedicated pool time. Not sure if I ever wrote about it, but here's a pic :)

Working on blowing bubbles with Daddy
This summer, I wanted to get a little more serious. I was always a good swimmer - swam competitively in fact for years - and with her "let me jump in immediately" attitude, I wanted her to learn a little bit more. So I found a local gym with a pool that offered private lessons at an almost too-good-to-be-true price, and I signed her up. Eight weeks of one on one lessons. Needless to say, my little fish was a wee bit excited for her first lesson.

I've been wanting this Vineyard Vines cover up for myself. When her size went on sale, I couldn't resist.

During the first lesson, the instructor just evaluated her. They played (while learning!) in the super shallow play area and focused on Bimmer closing her mouth when she would put it in the water and putting her whole face - eyes included - down in the water. She loved throwing the rings and then going to find them. 

Trying not to be "that mom" who interrupts the class to take photos

Although about 10 minutes into the lesson, she climbed out of the pool and ran over to me. My internal self was screaming "No! Get back in the pool! You should be loving this! Don't quit this soon!" But, as usual, the kid surprised me. She screamed "Mommy! This is so exciting!" and then walked right back over to get in the pool. Sweet girl! She did the same thing toward the end and yelled to me, "Mommy! This is soooooo fun!" 

Made my heart swell that I could do something as little as scheduling her a swim lesson to make her whole world seem awesome. 

She has been so excited for subsequent lessons and I hate that we only have 8 of them in total. I just know we will be doing more again next year, maybe structured in a class (???) but as long as my baby girl is having fun, that's all that really matters! 

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