Friday, April 17, 2015

Is 30 the Home Stretch?

Bimmer's pregnancy on the left, Healey's on the right
Here we go... updates every 2 weeks now for the rest of this pregnancy! Crossing this threshold is a breath of fresh air... only 9 more weeks until we get to meet Healey. And I get to have my life back! Ugh... remind me to NEVER EVER EVER get pregnant again. 
At 29 weeks, I had my dreaded glucose test. I had never been more scared of anything with any pregnancy (I don't think...) than I was going into that thing. With my one doctor almost insisting she thought I had it and that was the reason for my large belly and big baby, I was just sure I was going to fail. I purposely tried not to eat anything sugary for about 24 hours ahead of time. I chugged the drink in two big swigs. I met with a different doctor, who eased my nerves about it all - whom I will try to see from now on - and then I had my blood drawn. The next two days were PAINFUL. They had said they would call if I didn't pass. Finally, I saw an alert from the online test results and I logged in and there it was... my score was an 88. With the normal range being something like 65 to 139. Not only did I pass - I wasn't even anywhere close to failing!!!!
Otherwise, the past two weeks haven't been all that bad. Sleeping is increasingly difficult, since I wake up every 2 hours (or less) to pee. My feet swell more at the end of the day now, and being on my feet for an extended amount of time (like the 2 hours we spent one day at the zoo) is really rough. My back pain comes and goes still, as does the nausea. But overall, I'm in a bit of a honeymoon phase right now I guess. Nothing too worth noting - and maybe that's a good thing.
I go back to the doctor at 31 weeks, and fingers crossed, we can get this C-section officially on the books! It's hard to believe it's so soon, yet it still feels so far away. I cannot wait to meet my sweet little girl!

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