Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hippity Hop

The longer I am a mom, the more I feel the need to celebrate more each holiday. Just because Bimmer (and eventually Healey, I'm sure) love it. I don't remember the last time I colored Easter eggs, but gosh darnit, when I saw the kit at Target, I knew we had to get it. And I would be scouring the InterGoogle to figure out how to hard boil an egg. 


The Easter bunny may (or may not) have gone a little overboard on Amazon this year for the requisite Easter basket. It felt like a good year to get a little crafty... some watercolors, some bath crayons (that I hope to Troy Aikman won't permanently stain my tub) and I hunted Playdoh, but ended up nixing it because I had already gotten WAY too much stuff! 


Per usual, Easter is spent with the MIL in the ATL. It was a fine visit - no major drama. Although she did successfully avoid acknowledging that we are expecting Healey. But at least she didn't flat out ignore me when I asked her questions this time. Baby steps? Perhaps. I tried not to focus on that and spent more time worrying about making sure this adorable precious little girl had the best Easter ever.
Thank goodness my mom kept my old Polly Flinders dresses so they can get a new life with my girls! P.S. This is totally one of my favorite photos ever of Bimmer. She looks so grown up!

We also did a little egg hunt in the front yard while the MIL cooked. I kept envisioning next year when Healey will be able to sit (probably not walk - although, maybe if she's an over-achiever) and I can see Bimmer taking her eggs. Life will just be that much sweeter when I have my two babies together. Holidays will be double the fun!

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