Friday, April 3, 2015

28 Weeks!!!!!

Bimmer on the left, Healey on the right - I am soooooo much bigger!!!!
I tell you what... week 25 kicked my ass. My back pain was so excruciating some days that I could barely stand up and not cry. I got better about wearing my maternity belt that I bought when I could (like sitting at my desk for prolonged periods of time) and I started sleeping with a pillow under part of my belly or between my legs. And week 26 went a whole heck of a lot smoother after that! Like - I even went several days with no belt and no Tylenol. It's the small victories. Although there were days with a lot of tightening in my stomach and some difficulty breathing a few times.
Healey feels like she is constantly having a dance party in my stomach. I can simultaneously feel her moving on both sides of my stomach sometimes. Some friends have even been able to spot my belly moving from across the table! It is all sorts of freaky. Cool, because I already love Healey so much and am so excited to meet her and the person she will become, but at the same time, freaky. Because I have an alien growing inside me.
I had a doc visit at 26 weeks (because I can never fall on a normal schedule) and she told me that I was measuring at 28 weeks. And she was concerned I had a lot of fluid. She discussed gestational diabetes, but since I had no problems with Bimmer's pregnancy, she pushed back my glucose test to 29 weeks. However, she did warn me about eating too much white bread. Re: GAIL SHOULDN'T EAT ANY MORE BAGELS. Bagels have been my weakness this pregnancy - sometimes eating one a day - and when the doc told me that too much sugar could relate to a lot of extra fluid, I had to duck out of there with my tail between my legs. And regroup at the grocery store. What the heck was I going to snack on when the only things that ever sounded good to eat were loaded with carbs and sugar??? ::sigh:: She even signed me up for a 27 week ultrasound just to check to make sure everything was OK. I did point out that Bimmer was over 8 lbs. and I had a lot of fluid with her too. Doc agrees Healey is probably gonna be another big baby. That's fine with me... the bigger the better. The less I feel like I'm going to break 'em then. LOL.

(I would have inserted an ultrasound pic here, but my internet hates me these days and Puff just hasn't had time to call to see if they can reset it all and I just don't have the patience to try to fuck with it. Sorry!)

So the verdict at my 27 week ultrasound was that my fluid was within normal ranges, but on the high side. The baby is measuring at 2 lbs. 12 oz, which is larger than "normal." They told me that I need to continue cutting back on sugar and white flour. (Near impossible, I tell ya!!!) And they want me to have another ultrasound in a week or two. I'm not sure if this doctor is just more cautious than other ones in the group from last pregnancy, or if their philosophy has changed. Fingers crossed the glucose test goes OK - because this picky eater is dreading having to go on any sort of crazy diet! 

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