Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

I can't even believe this is already Bimmer's THIRD Halloween!!!

Ever since I knew I was having a daughter, I wanted to make sure there was a Halloween costume of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Yes, I initially intended white booty shorts, blue leotard, vest, etc. But searches for toddler-sized costumes that actually looked like the real thing came up empty.
Not what I was looking for.
Since I figure this was the last Halloween I would have full input on the costume, Puff and I went a little bit of a different route with her outfit, but it was no less cute. Um... did you notice the REAL cowboy boots that Puff insisted she get?

When my parents were visiting, we were already in Greenville for a car show, so we bought tickets for the Boo in the Zoo. It was a great age appropriate event for Bimmer. It was her first real time getting to trick or treat! And yes, my OCD daughter took out her candy one by one when we got home... and even matched up like-type candy.
We also took Bimmer to a trunk or treat at her preschool and a trick or treat event at my office. Due to my work schedule, we missed out on a few Halloween themed events we would have liked to attend, but we'll just pencil them in for next year. (And we are still unsure of our actual Halloween evening plans - since our neighborhood isn't really trick-or-treat central.)
Speaking of next year... is it too early to start brain-washing her into a costume idea?
(And since I just discovered photo collages, here is one of her from the last 3 years of pumpkin picking!)

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The Fischer Family said...

Cutest Cowboys Cheerleader ever!! And it's definitely not too early to start brainwashing her for what you want next year! I wanted to do a family theme this year but couldn't get anyone to agree. So I've already decided on a theme for next year and am working on getting the kids pumped up about it. That could change a year from now but I'm trying! ;-)