Monday, October 13, 2014

Man Candy Monday

It has been way too long since the last Man Candy Monday post. So, a little montage of hotness for you today...

Now... a little side note about "man candy." I was recently talking with some co-workers and made a comment about the lack of man candy at our office. (There are a few decent guys, but nobody crazy worth crushing over.) One girl, who doesn't hang around me too terribly often, looked at me in shock. "Gail!!! You're married!!!"
Yeah? So?
C'mon... just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine piece o' ass every once and awhile.
Calm down.
But really... Puff goes to Hooters and other similar places and I don't care. Sometimes when we're out together, I even point out how girls to him. Looking doesn't bother me. And as far as I know, it doesn't bother him either. He will even sometimes agree with me when I say that a guy we notice is attractive. (Like the guy who used to work at our local J.Crew whom we both thought was super hot!)
I understand our outlook doesn't work for everyone. (My step-mom, for example, is most definitely NOT OK with my dad checking out other women.) But I kinda think it's unnatural to never look at another person in that way ever again just because you're married. In fact, I think it's probably impossible.
That co-worker did tell me it was OK to have celebrity man candy though. At least she has exceptions to her rules :)

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