Thursday, October 9, 2014

Punkman Patch

I love fall.

Not the crazy mommy-blogger kind of fall loving, but ya know, the normal people who are excited to wear jeans and a hoodie every once and awhile kind.

So this fall, I wanted to make sure we took Bimmer out to do something stereotypical that involved hayrides and pumpkins (or "punk-mans" in Bimmer babble). I knew of a place in Georgia, but we found a place near Clemson, SC, that fit the bill - Denver Downs Farm. Their big claim to fame was the insane corn maze (which we skipped with a toddler) but their list of other activities was so vast, we knew we couldn't resist!

Seriously - the above pics are just a few of the things that Bimmer was able to do. They had animals, a zipline (that sadly, she was too small for) and a huge barn full of hay to jump and swing into. We picked the perfect day - early enough in the season to not be overwhelmingly crowded and the weather was in the 60s! Even if it was a bit windy, that just gave Bimmer time to practice her model poses.
It was probably a little too early to buy pumpkins, but we had promised Bimmer a trip to the pumpkin patch, so we couldn't dare leave without one. Sweet girl had such a fun time running around and trying to find the best ones. She loved that they had some that were "Bimmer sized."

At the end of the day, Puff got on my case about not enjoying the day enough and being too worried about taking photos. It all stemmed from me asking him to stop pushing her on a horse swing for a second so I could snap a pic and he never would bring her to a complete stop, so I never got a pic. He may not believe me, but I make a conscious effort to put the camera down and just enjoy the time. But on the flip side, I want to capture these memories. I would never want to have had an awesomely amazing day with my little girl like this and not have something to remember it by. The minute I feel like Bimmer is bothered by my photo-taking, I stop. But had I stopped taking pictures completely while we were walking to pay, I never would have caught this sweet moment...
I just happened to still have the camera out, and it took a split second for me to snap this before talking to Bimmer about how much she loved her pumpkin. And that's why I take photos. Because I want to be able to remember my little girl, loving on her "punk-man" forever.

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