Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Sexy Back

We are coming up on the year mark since I joined a gym. And well, there's not really all that much to update.
Which kills me from the core of my soul.
The core that needs to do some more crunches and planks.
I feel like I've tried it all in the past year... just in an attempt to lose a measly five pounds. (Or seven, once those two magically appeared in early July.) I have routinely gone to the gym a few times a week. I've tried swimming laps. I've tried going full speed on the elliptical. I've tried a trainer who only wanted to work on leg and arm exercises while I pleaded to  him to teach me something to lose weight and focus on my core. I've gone gluten free for a week here and there. I've done a month of Herbalife shakes. I've said "fuck it" several times and eaten an entire tray of brownies over the course of a few days. And given into my occasional cravings of drinking a nice cold Coke. I've contemplated giving up my gym membership. I've thought about switching to another.
Puff and I even got into a tiff over it when, on a date night no less, he mentioned that I needed to get a personal trainer someplace other than my current gym. I was down with that... until he told me we can only afford me to see the trainer once a week and that I would then need to do what they teach me on my own the rest of the week.
::smack my head on a brick wall::
Obviously if I could do this on my own then I wouldn't be sitting here, a year later, bitching about how I've not been able to lose any weight. I need a trainer... a real one. One that makes me sweat and curse them and hate them. One that pushes me past the point where I want to just quit and call it a day because I've broken a teensy weensy sweat. Or because there's nothing good on the TV at the gym to watch to distract me. Nope... the will power just isn't there.
Crazy, right? For a girl who is as hard headed and stubborn as I am... you would think that wouldn't be a problem.
So... it's back to the drawing board on this one. Here's hoping I come up with something here soon. I need to get my sexy back. Stat.

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