Monday, July 14, 2014

Bungalow Bliss

This summer marks my fifth year of living in The Bungalow.
Five years of loving it and hating it. Sometimes, simultaneously.
Along the way, Puff and I have undertaken a lot of major projects. Like a new roof....

And new kitchen countertops...
And that super NOT FUN time we had to get an entirely new HVAC system. (Read about that HERE)
We are literally bursting at the seams, but the housing market in our town is insane right now and we are basically priced out of moving up in our own neighborhood. And it's a neighborhood we don't want to leave. So we are contemplating options. Perhaps there is a major update coming in the next year or so? Time will tell. But for now, we're working on smaller things.
Like a new rug for Bimmer's room. So she doesn't accidentally fall out of bed and onto hardwood floors.
I went with a color that kinda works for now, but will definitely work in her "big girl room" that's coming
And finally new curtains that go with our new lighter paint color in the living room. Puff hates them and says they look like they're from a 70s motel. He can bite me.
I spruced up a bit on the deck too with a new welcome mat (the last one said "Leave" so this one is a big nicer) and my little flower box project. I bought two hanging plants, disassembled them, and put them in the window boxes. They worked fabulously! We also planted a hibiscus, since apparently there is a chronic disease spreading through knockout roses, which is what we really wanted.
The big mack daddy improvement, however, has been the super-duper exciting....
This pic is such life with a toddler - bath toys, little potty seat, and unrolled TP
Yup... we had to get a new toilet. I'm less than thrilled with the fact that back about 2 years ago, when I managed to flush the toilet paper holder thing down the drain, the plumber who put the toilet back somehow got a hairline crack in it. And it slowly seeped out and damaged some of our hardwood floors. Apparently life in general was just too insane for me to notice the growing dark spot on our wood floors. So, we upgraded to this puppy, and eventually when we do some home renovations, we may swap out that one piece of rotted wood. For now, it gives it character.
I can't wait to get around to finding the time/money for our next home improvement projects. The fact that we still haven't painted the master bedroom/office/laundry is still driving me bonkers!

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