Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Dos

With Bimmer now being just past the age of two, we are getting lots (and lots and lots) of questions and comments about a second baby.

I figured I'd enlighten you all at once.

We're not sure. No decision has been made 100%.

I know, right? Confusing stuff happening here.

For my entire life, I always wanted more than one child. I, myself, am an only child and I mostly hated it. I always wanted a sibling. Throughout high school, I was hell-bent on having six children. (To be named Brandt Andrew, Leslee Kristina, Troy Kenneth, Shane Wyatt, Antony Jaxon, and Kennedy Elizabeth - if you were wondering.) In college, it went down to three. And then once I met Puff, it went down to two. We were happy with the thought of two. It would be perfect for the family life we envisioned.

Then Bimmer was born.

And babies are a lot of work. So are toddlers. (And I suspect older kids just become difficult in different ways.) And they're time consuming. And we both have demanding jobs that don't allow us 9-5, M-F schedules. I work some nights. And some weekends. Oh yeah, and they're expensive too. Having two kids in daycare is the equivalent to almost having a second mortgage. All that means sacrifice - like less random orders from J.Crew and less extravagant vacations. Croatia would have to be put on hold. My quest for 10 more countries before 40 would definitely NOT happen.
So, am I weighing my options between travel and a second baby?
Mr. Smith told me that a trip brings temporary satisfaction, but a child brings a lifetime.
He's full of nuggets, isn't he?
Well... our goal is to make a decision by the end of the year. Do we try for a 2015 baby? Or do we book trips to Turks & Caicos, Newport, Rhode Island, and Hilton Head for 2015?
Do you have a preference? What helped you decide to stop at one or have more? Can you please just make this decision for us? Thanks.

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