Friday, July 25, 2014

More Photos Please

The month of June sucked all kinds of donkey balls this year. Life picked me up, turned me upside down, shook me for all the loose change in my pockets, then bent me over and did inappropriate, unmentionable things to me. Work was terrible. Bimmer went to the ER twice (read about that HERE). And on top of all of that, we had family drama, Puff work drama, and car trouble. Life threw so much shit at us, that we literally had to get a new toilet.
However, amongst all of the craziness, stress, and tears, there were small, sweet moments. And in the grand scheme of it all, the check-engine light on my SUV isn't going to be something that we dwell on. It's those little moments that make up each day that are most important to the dynamic of my family, my life, and the way that Bimmer is shaped and molded for her future. Things like a random Monday night dinner to the local Mexican restaurant up the street. And cuddling on the couch reading to Bimmer what feels like every book we own.
So, this photo dump is going to be bigger than usual. And it's going to be full of moments that happened the last month or so that weren't monumental or hectic or frustrating. A reminder that even a hurricane has a peaceful center. July is getting things back on track with some calm at work and exciting news on the family drama side. Things that have greatly lessened my stress level and have recentered me back to focus on what is important.


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