Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sound Bite Sunday

It's been awhile since I did one of these posts, and this one is totally impromptu. It is brought to you by a past 9pm solo drive last night back from a girl's day with Kimhead in Columbia. In an effort to keep from passing out asleep at the wheel, I popped on my iPod, flipped it to my "Rock" playlist and started my jam session.
It didn't take me long to remember how much I really love to just drive. By myself. And listen to music as loud as I can and just rock.the.fuck.out. My playlist included mostly bands like Trapt, Shinedown, Default, Buckcherry, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ya know, the music Puff hates and won't let me listen to when he is in the car. I'm sure I looked like such a fool singing at the top of my lungs, radio as loud as I could stand it, gesturing like I'm a rock star on stage.
So, a few little ditties for you today as a snapshot into my alone time in a moving vehicle...
"Something in Your Mouth" - Nickelback - Not appropriate for work or those who are overly sensitive or easily offended. But this song totally makes me want to dance whenever I hear it. So much so, that I'm 99% sure I played it during our wedding reception. Keepin' it classy.
"45-acoustic" and "Simple Man" - Shinedown - I don't like covers for the most part, but this version of "Simple Man" is insane. Seriously, I know I pimp this band a lot when I do these random Sound Bites, but c'mon, are you listening to this guy's voice? Pure magic. Love!
AND... Um... Hello.... I have totally been living under a ROCK!!! How did I miss Smith & Myers?!?!? Apparently I'm not the only person madly in love with lead singer, Brent Smith's voice. He and the Shinedown guitarist released a digital album a few months ago of acoustic covers of songs. Dude -

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