Monday, July 28, 2014

26 Month Update

We are in a very animated stage these days which yield lots of cheesy toddler faces

* Seemingly overnight, Bimmer went from saying "Hold you, Mommy" to "Hold me, Mommy" and it kills me that I never got it on videotape, since it was soooooo stinkin' cute. Ugh. I'm sure it won't be the last time I miss something like that.

* She is doing rockstar with her sentences. She is busting out with legit ones now. Such a big girl! Things like "This water tastes good, Mommy!" and "I go outside swing over there." No, they're not perfect, but she is putting a ton of words together in longer sentences and can mostly get her point across. Yes, it gets frustrating for both of us when we don't understand exactly what she means, but we'll get there.

* She is loving to sing these days. Current faves are "Jesus Loves Me," "ABCs," and "Baa Baa Black Sheep." She will mash them all together sometimes too. I love when she sings her "ABCs" because she goes "ABCD, HI, Jake, LmmmmmP, Q, S, B (I think she means V)" and then she trails off unless we are guiding her with it. Sometimes when we have on the radio on, she'll interrupt us to say "I like this song, Mommy!" The most recent was a John Legend. The one before that? Selena Gomez. Girl has varied taste, obviously.
* She still loves more than anything to sit down and read books. I brought back a ton of my old books from The Fort on our last visit, and a few friends gave her some hand-me-downs as well. She has been loving her one baby recently and taking it on walks in her stroller and brushing her hair, etc. She still cooks in her kitchen sometimes and spends a lot of her outside time in her water table. It is pirate themed, so sometimes as she is playing, she'll sing "Jake, Pirates, and you!!!!!"
* I feel like this is a constant update every month, but Bimmer is still a mommy's girl. She has started to get a little bit nasty about it though, which I hate. Sometimes she will cry and pitch a fit if Puff has to do something for/with her instead of me. She will tell him not to talk or not to sing. If you ask her if she loves Daddy, she will say, "No, I love Mommy!" I know it's just a phase and I know she does love Puff. He tells me that when I am not around, and it's just the two of them, she is super sweet and isn't a brat toward him. It just upsets me because I know if it were the other way around, it would kill me!
* As for TV, we still don't watch too terribly much. She still watches occasional episodes of Jake, Sofia, and Doc. We rarely watch Elmo anymore. She is obsessed with Curious George and Dinosaur Train. She also likes animal shows, like the Jack Hanna one that is on Saturday mornings.
* We are going a bit backward on the sleep situation and it's so frustrating. We definitely didn't do this sleep training correctly with this kid from the get-go. ::sigh:: She is still falling asleep with us and then we move her to her bed. But she is now waking up routinely around 1am and throws a bit of a fit ranging anywhere from two minutes to fourty-five. Bimmer just wants to get into bed with us and cuddle. And for as much as I love that, and I hate being awake in the middle of the night with a stomping, wailing toddler, we are definitely aiming to get her to back into her own bed. One night she even stomped out of the room and tried to slam the door behind her. Oh, I can't wait until she is 15!
* Bimmer has become quite the escape artist. She can now open the back door! I wouldn't care too much, if she also didn't know how to unlock the gate to get off the deck. Which would also be fine if it just went down into the backyard, which is fenced. However, the side gate goes down to our driveway and side yard, which is not fenced, which is along the street. One night, Bimmer took a rare opportunity of both Puff and I being involved in something and not paying her 100% attention. We then heard her screaming from the deck. Even with the back door locked, she had managed to sneak outside and on to the deck. Thankfully she didn't venture any farther. I'm thinking a new deck latch is on our next Home Depot order!
* Her bottom two back molars came in last month, but I think the top ones might be coming in now. Is it wrong that I'm afraid to ask her to allow me to stick my finger in her mouth to find out? That girl has some chompers and she knows how to use them!
* We aren't making many strides in the potty training department, but she has started to try more often. And most times when she tries, she yells, "Pee pee come out!!!" Except the word "out" is about 4 syllables long since she is sooooo southern!

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