Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Meathead

I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't there myself to witness.

April 16, 2014.... Gail had a session with a personal trainer.
Read HERE about my struggle with my weight loss and my exercising plateau. It was time for something to change. And I figured a trainer would be the kick-start and motivation I needed to get in a few serious workouts before bikini season was upon us! I was super nervous to even schedule it (yes, it took about 3 trips there to work up the nerve to ask about getting on the schedule) but I did it. And I was going to go through with it.
Let's just say, I knew I was out of shape, but had no idea! Most of my first session was letting Trainer Mike figure out my strengths and weaknesses. Let's just say I can rock the crap out of some elliptical time, but squats are my new worst enemy. We focused a lot on him showing me how to keep my body in line correctly while doing exercises and some moves that I can do at home to work on overall strength. I did some dumbbells and realized just how much weaker my left arm is than my right. I liked the arm workout with the cable weights. And I even didn't hate the pull-up moves I did with the straps. But oh, those squats. And those horrible "get-ups" as he called them from the floor. My thighs were so wobbly when I left, I was afraid it might not be safe for me to drive home!!! And oh, the next day. Going down stairs was like rubbing my bare feet on shards of glass. Shooting, horrible pain.
But I did it. And I lived through it. And I made a very strong suggestion that our next session be more ab-focused. Yup, I needed my abs to be in shooting, horrible pain the next week. I even paid for the next two sessions. Nothing like a little monetary donation to entice me to keep my appointment.
Going into the second session though, I was petrified. I was no longer so timid about the whole "where do I go? who is my trainer?" anxiety that I had the first time. Nope... I was remembering distinctly the excrutiating pain I had the week prior where getting up from the toilet elicited an audible OUCH. What would this session have in store? Thankfully, it was a lot better. Yes, we did those dreaded "get-ups" and some squats, but we also did different arm exercises and we got down on the ground for me to do some ab work. Oh, my horribly weak and flabby core. However, I was proud of myself that when we did planks, I held them for 30 seconds. It's the small victories with this task, for sure!
I don't intend to keep the trainer up long term... that shit is expensive! But it's a step in the right direction. I just wish I would have bit the bullet earlier in the year to be ready before the weather was warm! Stay tuned... I'll post in a month or so on my progress!

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