Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sexy Mom Update

Operation Summer of Sexy Mom is in full-swing. Although a more appropriate title may be "Operation Summer of Mom Who Doesn't Look Like a Broke College Student."
Minor detail.
I've been making a very conscious effort to dress in outfits that are more appealing, put together, and age appropriate, especially during outings when there would be photo ops. Case in point...

My most adventurous is the night I wore leggings out in public without a tunic/dress over them. First time ever! Go me! Way to be trendy... like a few years too late! (Don't worry Kimhead, my cardigan was long enough for my ass to be covered. We're not getting too crazy over here!)
Baby steps.
And since I am a huge fan and promoter of my (fashion) saving grace, the Mix & Match Mama, I broke down and bought a pair of wedges that she was hyping. Since she had steered me so well in the camo Toms, I thought I couldn't go wrong with her insistance that these were the best wedges ever.
I haven't worn them too often, but let's just say I am a believer. The first time I wore them (outside of trying them out to walk around the house) was a work day, and I actually kept them on from about 7:30am until after 3pm. That's a major deal for someone who HATES breaking in shoes! And for someone whose heels normally come off before lunch. Can't wait to sport them with some shorts and show off my inner fashionista!!!!
I will update again sometime in a month or so to see if I'm still going strong. Posting keeps me accountable... so thanks for your support!

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The Fischer Family said...

I love this! I too have been trying to be more conscious of what I'm wearing out in public. Don't want to be that mom that embarrasses my kids (or my husband!) lol I love the cardigan outfit. Really cute!