Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey There, Fatty

I am currently suffering from the worst bout of "I hate my body" that I've had in, oh, forever.

I joined a gym back in November and have been going regularly. Or well, as regularly as a working mom of a toddler with a bonkers schedule and a husband who also works goofy hours can. I started off swimming laps, but soon realized it wasn't having the weight-loss impact I desired, so I switched to full-time ellipticizing back in February. I had done this before my wedding back in 2010, and lost a good 10 or 15 pounds in just a few months.

Not this time.

Post-baby weight is not being kind to me. And yes, I am technically hovering at my pre-baby weight, it has redistributed. And it's all in that horrible spot that will not look so cute in a bikini this summer. A spot that I should have worked harder to get rid of LAST year. Not the year my baby is turning two. My bikinis are taunting me from the depths of my bottom drawer. Buying new ones is not an option. I won't let it be.

A few things to note about all of this....

1) Since I am, deep down, a woman, I thought that getting some new cute work-out gear may bump the motivation level up a notch. Getting checked out in tight pants and a cute top would make going to the gym not so bad. Right? So I nixed my old ratty t-shirts and running shorts (which is hilarious to call them that, because, I've never ran ever... except for that "challenge" to run a mile in gym class that nearly killed me) and hit up Old Navy for a few cute new things.

2) A co-worker whose son is a few months younger that Bimmer has been going to the gym less time than me, but has lost more weight. Yes, she eats better than I do. (Seriously - my diet is horrific.) And yes, she had more weight to lose than I did. But still... that doesn't make me feel good to have only lost two pounds in almost 5 months. And I still have a nice little muffin-top. My summer vacation is sneaking up on me quicker than I care to admit. And watching other people lose weight and me be stuck? It's depressing. I want to go eat a brownie.

3) I am contemplating a trainer. It's not cheap ($24/half hour) but I think it's the kick-in-the-ass that I really need. I don't know which exercises to be doing to lose the tire around my gut. I have had some in-shape friends give me some moves to work my abs, but that involves laying on the group at home. And that means Bimmer thinks I'm a horse and runs over to me screaming "NEIGH!!!" before jumping on me. Gosh, I love that kid, but she's not helping my quest to lose a few lbs. I was all geared up to ask at the gym about signing up for a session, but the guy I need to chat with was always helping someone. And let's be honest, I'm not quite proactive enough in this endeavor to call the gym to talk to him.

Thanks for listening to my little bitch-fest about how much I wish I could lose weight, but am not. I did go on a gluten-free diet this past week, since that tends to cleanse and I usually lose a few pounds. It did nothing. Not a single ounce. Talk about frustration!!!!! Stay tuned. I'm hoping to have an ab-reveal in a few weeks! **UPDATE: I went ahead and bit the bullet and I have my first session with a trainer this week! Will post about it soon!**

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