Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Room Makeover

I wrote recently (HERE) about our update on our living room paint. But I never updated you on Bimmer's room!
Since I was unemployed when I was pregnant, paying someone even $200 to paint her room seemed ridiculous, so we skipped it. I made due with the yellowish walls that were in her room and just rolled with it. But the room never felt right. It was crowded (too much furniture - but we needed it all) and then that wall color just felt dingy and unspecial.
So, when Puff and I decided it was high time we got some updates going in the paint department, I knew her room had to be high on the priority list. I just wanted my girl to have a room she could be proud of. (Ya know, since toddlers give a crap about that kind of thing!) Plus, I wanted her to have a sweet room before we ever move (which could be next year) and I totally go in a different direction in the décor for her "Big Girl Room." Yes, I have ideas swirling in my head!
We had leftover paint from our dining room makeover (HERE) so we busted out the Behr Valley Mist and gave my little girl the nursery she has deserved since day one...

I sat in her room on so many occasions after it was painted to just stare. I absolutely love it. A sweet room for my sweet baby girl.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love it!!