Sunday, March 30, 2014

22 Month Update

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I want to make an announcement. I have made a decision that will affect the lives of myself, Bimmer, and Puff for at least the next year plus. Yup... after Bimmer did so well with her 21 month photos (no real photogenic smiles, but good listening to directions) I decided that I want to do monthly photos of her until she is THREE! Thanks to the good folks over at YHL, I don't feel like such a goon, since they did monthly pics until their daughter was three as well. I swear... I promise... that will be the end of the monthly updates. Then, we'll just go to each year.
So... back to 22 month business...
* Bimmer is getting so good at putting together more words into sentences. Or almost-sentences. One morning it was raining when I ran her out to the car, so she was screaming "Raining! All wet! Hat???" She knew that rain made her all wet and she wanted to know why the heck her mom didn't put a hat on her. Sometimes, after school, I will ask her if she wants to go home and she'll respond with "Yay! Go see Dada!" So I definitely know that she is comprehending more and putting two and two together.
* Bimmer is also understanding possessives a little bit more. (Is that the right term?) She will say "My baby" or "My socks." And then she'll point to my head and say "Mama's hair."
* We are still working hard on the use of a spoon and fork. Sometimes she'll do great. Other times, she needs some help. I still purposely send stuff like yogurt and apple sauce to school so she has to work on it. I do think she does better with her left hand. I'll really be surprised if she ends up being a righty.
* She is obsessed these days with monkeys. When I asked her recently if she wanted to go to the zoo, she got all excited and started yelling "monkeys!" She also will now sit and watch "Curious George." Which, I have to admit, is a nice break from all the Elmo we had been watching. One night when we were driving home from school, she just randomly said "I got monkeys." I asked her where. She said, "In my bed." I asked her where she got the monkeys in her bed. She thought for a second and then said, "Zoo." I'm happy to see her imagination at work.
* Even though we are approaching the two year mark, we still have struggles with her staying in her crib some nights. I'd say that at least twice a week, she has been throwing enough of a tantrum for us to warrant going to get her. She either gets herself so worked up that she forgets to breathe, or she poops. She has mastered the "if they don't come when I cry, then I shall poop, so they must come." Going in and out of town doesn't help either, since she sleeps with us when we're in a hotel. I think a toddler bed would be better (actually, a full-sized bed would be best, but she can't get down off the tall mattress/box springs we have just yet) but I don't want to do that until sometime later this summer. I'm still not willing to give up being able to put her in baby jail.
* Midway through this month, Mommy got serious about getting rid of the bottles. My goal is to be rid of them completely by her 2nd birthday. We had tried getting rid of the morning bottle once before (back in the fall) and it was torturous. This time? The morning sippy cup didn't seem to bother her all that much. And we just completely did away with any before dinner bottle and she didn't seem to notice. I'm so happy that we've chosen to do some things more in her time (like ending co-sleeping, for example) and not forced her into those things. She'll ween herself off those baby things when she's ready. I did pack away a lot of the bottles though, so we're not tempted to give her one. We'll work on getting rid of the bedtime bottle in April.
* I know I keep talking about her vocabulary, but it really blows my mind. On March 13th alone, she busted out with saying "chocolate" and "pockets" and "shovel." She just all of a sudden knew what those things were and could say them. Blows my mind. Every day.
* Her favorite toys these days are all her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She has a stethoscope that she likes too. She comes up and puts it on you and goes "boom boom." We got her a new step stool recently and she likes to just play in the bathroom sink. I think I'm going to ask a family member to get her a water table for her birthday. She would love it!!! And strangely, one of her favorite activities is to ask us to hold her like a baby. She then wants us to rock her and sing a song to her.

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