Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Boob Tube

Back when I was dating The Ex, I was totally up on all the popular TV shows and I was watching one or two movies a week.
Insert Puff.
Between our shared ADD for life and now, with Bimmer in tow, we've had to seriously cut back on our TV watching. And movies? Forget it. The last movie I saw in the theater was "Sex & the City 2" and the last movie I saw period was "Date Night." Google them... they came out way back in 2010.
Problem is, I still like television. Puff and I share a few shows in common, but lately, it seems that he's more into his car shows and ghost shows, so we don't spend a lot of after hours watching together. I realize I should have written this post back in the fall, when seasons were starting, etc. but I'm just getting to it now. Here are some of the shows I still make time to keep up with. In no particular order...
1) How I Met Your Mother
I will fully admit to thinking this series has been going slowly down hill. However, since I know it's the last season, and I've watched every single episode from the beginning, I feel that I owe it to the TV gods to continue to the bitter end. (Somehow, I did not find that passion to stick with "Bones" even though I've stuck with it from the beginning. It just got too ridiculous. And I hate Bones & Booth together. Hate them. I digress..)
2) Big Bang Theory
My favorite comedy on television right now. It still is funny after all these years.
3) CSI
Yes, the original. Even though cast members have changed and left/returned over the years, I still can't get enough of this show. It's no longer ground breaking, but it's still keeping my interest. Even without Warrick there. Gosh, I miss Warrick.
4) Criminal Minds
Somehow, I was late to this bandwagon, but I've caught up. I find serial killers so fascinating, plus Shemar Moore is nice to look at, so I'm pretty sure this will always be in solid rotation as long as it's on the air.
5) Teen Mom 2
Yup... it's my guilty pleasure. I always watch it from the DVR so I can fast forward if it gets too ridiculous. But somehow, I guess it makes me feel better about my own life to watch such a train wreck.
6) The Following
As much as I hate Kevin Bacon, I got drawn into this series during its first season and just *knew* the ending was too good to be true. So, now I'm catching up on the second season. Trust me when I say if you're interested in watching this show, you need to start back at the beginning.
7) Hannibal
As with The Following, if you want to jump on board, you really need to watch the entire first season. I'm still trying to see past the fact that it's not Anthony Hopkins in the role, plus, it's not at all like any of the books about Hannibal's past. I mean, there are some things, but it's a totally new spin. I'm still trying to be OK with that. But it's obviously the most beautifully shot TV show on the air right now. No doubt about that. It's like a mini-movie each episode.
8) New Girl
Besides Big Bang Theory, this is my favorite comedy right now. Except, I don't love Nick & Jess together. I'm hoping that doesn't end up ruining it like it did over on Bones. (Notice I'm a little hung up on that? Ha!) The first season was still my favorite and the most hilarious.
9) About a Boy
This is a new one that I just started watching and I'm still feeling it out. But I've enjoyed it so far. I'm just guessing here, but I'm going to take a stab that it is loosely based on the "About a Boy" book (and Hugh Grant movie) from author Nick Hornby. I love his stuff, so this take on a television show is nice. Maybe this will stay in steady rotation. (I also liked the sitcom "Suburgatory" but just couldn't find the time to keep it around.)
10) Fashion Police/Craig Ferguson/Chelsea Handler/The Soup
These are our "filler" shows that both Puff and I can stand to watch together. We can have them on when Bimmer is in the room and not really worry if we can't hear something for a second or two because of a chatting/screaming/clingy toddler.
So, there you have it. A glimpse into my DVR. There are other shows I catch on occasion, that I do like, for example, "The Little Couple" or "19 Kids & Counting" or "Snapped" or "Project Runway," although I don't like the current season's twist. Kimhead is a bit of a TV Nazi and is always trying to convince me to watch other things (she likes ABC dramas, which don't do it for me) but right now, in this season of life, I'm good with what I've got. The thing is that it's always changing and evolving. One never knows when something new will come out and just suck me in. (Several of the shows listed above are only in their second or third season.)
What are you watching right now? Based on what you know I like, is there anything you would suggest for me to try?

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