Thursday, February 20, 2014

Golden Design

It's about damn time. We are about to get a little less golden.

Puff  bought The Bungalow in 2006. I moved in back in 2009. And all I have done since then is bitch about the gold walls AND ceiling in the living room. It also didn't help that he decided to decorate the room around the previous owner's horrid taste in wall colors... dark oriental rug, garnet sofa, and garnet/gold striped curtains.


I did tone down the curtains recently, which helped make the room seem less cave-like. I had heard on HGTV that using curtains the same color as your walls makes the windows seem bigger and takes away from drawing your eye there. New curtains will be on my to-do list here soon. But paint was top priority. (We had been spurred by the thought that we may put The Bungalow up for sale this spring, but have since changed our minds. Unless a can't-pass-up house comes along, then we may find ourselves scrambling.) So I finally had our painter come and quote a laundry list of updates... living room walls and ceiling, hallway, Bimmer's room, our room, office, laundry room, along with some other touch-ups and handy-man projects. Choosing what to do in Round 1 was super easy... living room, hallway and Bimmer's room.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?
One more reminder what the living room used to look like....
And now what it looks like today....
The room already feels so much bigger and brighter! I'm still not 100% sure about the color (Antique White from Sherwin Williams) because sometimes it looks bright white and other times it feels more yellow. Regardless, it's a definite step up from what we had been living with. And it makes me hate the rug less. The next step in our living room update? Curtains. Then, pricing recovering that garnet wingback chair. I'm thinking navy houndstooth?

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