Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

Most of my crew has already bit the dust and gotten married. It had been awhile since one of my longer-time friends had tied the knot, so I was super excited to be invited to Lisa & Dustin's wedding. The fact that it was in Charleston helped my excitement.
Puff and I made the drive down late on Friday evening, so we could spend the entire Saturday checking out the town for Bimmer's first visit. (Well, the first visit outside my stomach. I had a girl's weekend there when I was just 5 weeks along!)
We checked out the market, had lunch at Fleet Landing. And then topped off our afternoon at Kaminsky's for some desserts. Bimmer even got to tip back a cold one when the cute bartender topped off her sippy. She was totally flirting with them too. (Is she my daughter or what?!?) The bartenders were even talking about how they wanted to pose her with her arms propped up on the bar with a shot glass. Don't worry, she fell off the barstool when she was done with her drink. She's never allowed to drink again.
That night, Puff and Bimmer headed out on their own (since the baby wasn't invited to the wedding) and I hit the ceremony with Kimhead and Rach.
Yes, I wore that same dress to Jenn's wedding back in Hilton Head in May. That dress was expensive... gotta get some use out of it! Ha! Bimmer and Puff had a nice time too playing on Folly Beach looking for shells and falling head first into a giant saltwater puddle.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful.... good company, great music, a yummy candy bar, and my favorite, a photo booth! Wishing these guys all the love in the world.
Even if he is a Steelers fan.

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