Monday, June 3, 2013

Sandy Days

When I started my new job last fall, I had no idea I would make such great friends. So when J. invited me to her wedding, I was actually a little shocked. Flattered too, of course. I was especially excited when I found out it would be in Hilton Head. That meant Bimmer would get to go to the beach! Now, she did go when she was 5 weeks old in Florida, but I'm not sure that really counts.
We had to work out some logistics since Bimmer wasn't actually invited to the wedding, so our good friend, Rach, stepped up to the plate and agreed to a free weekend getaway to help us out. We hit the road Friday after work, promptly got stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam, and had to take the back roads part of the way. No worries, we made the best of it. We stopped for a family photo at the UFO Welcome Center!
Saturday morning, we hit the beach. Now, for those of you who don't know me super well, sand is my mortal enemy. I hate it. I don't want to sit on it or feel it between my toes. So it was a major accomplishment for me to sit there for two hours and not freak out and want to constantly be brushing myself and Bimmer clean. But it was seriously the cutest thing ever. Bimmer was in heaven! She promptly ate a handful of sand, and kept eating it. And I let her. She also loved the lick the salt water from her lips. Precious!

That night, we went to see J & C tie the knot! It was a gorgeous ceremony (minus the drizzle) along a marsh with a fabulous party afterwards. She did an awesome job planning everything and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Plus, all her friends got to see Puff bust a white-boy move on the dance floor!
Sunday morning, we took Bimmer to the pool to try our her new float. It promptly ripped, but we were still able to use it. And she loved it! I have such a water baby!
We rounded out the day with some amazing sea food near the beach.
All told, it was seriously the perfect weekend. Minus Puff having a little meltdown and Bimmer's giant pootastrophe that happened at the rest stop on the way home, I wouldn't have changed a thing. We got to spend some good time with good friends, introduce Bimmer to a bunch of new experiences, and smile through it all. Together, as a family. I am already planning in my head for a weekend back next year!

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