Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Enough Already

I had a different post planned to go up today or tomorrow, but it will just have to wait. Because the universe is at it again. I posted a month or so ago about how Bimmer and I were trading sicknesses and I was just overwhelmed.

It got better.

For a little while.

This past weekend, I ended up with pink eye. Yes.... pink eye.

Plus a sinus infection and an ear infection. Sore throat? Check. Cough? You bet.

Puff had a business trip this week. I have a huge client in at work. I had a gut feeling this would happen.... Bimmer got sick.

Daycare called me at 3:30pm today and I had to go get her. A temperature of 102. This also means that she can't go back to daycare tomorrow.

Puff's still in Michigan.

My big client is still in tomorrow.

I'm shit out of luck.

No family here. No friends who don't work. I was on the verge of a panic attack and let everyone at the office know I was about to fall apart.


All these ladies at work (who work for a Christian organization) have been praying for me for days. They told me so... in a meeting. In an email. In person. Via text. And somewhere along the way, those prayers must've worked a little bit. Because miraculously, our nanny is off her normal job tomorrow.

Bimmer has a doctor's appointment in the morning (she keeps pulling on her ear, so even with tubes, I'm suspect there may be an infection) and then I get to go into work, the nanny gets to come here, and Puff flies home in the afternoon to keep the baby in time for my evening work obligations.

I have my fingers crossed everything goes OK between now and then.

But c'mon, universe. I've had enough. I'm taking the hints.... cherish every moment, plan well, and only have one child :)

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Anonymous said...

I used to be afraid to get outside, didn't spend time with friends - and always passed every Facebook event receive by. But those times are over from the time I got a punching bag stand! It is so easy and fun to sort out today. It actually inspired me to swim and to use the gym.

I enjoy my punching bag stand and would not trade it for anything since it allows me to have all my emotions out and get yourself a great work-out at once.