Monday, October 7, 2013

There is Such a Thing as Toddler Style

I must always put this disclaimer at the top of any blog post that discusses any sort of fashion, but please note that I need a fashion over-haul, I am fully aware. I am not a fashionista. I get my weekly dose of fashion advice from Joan Rivers.
That being said, I've noticed a lot of blogs recently with posts about how to dress your baby girl. And I check out a lot of them. And then I want to smash my head against the wall because no child should ever be dressed like this...
And for the love of Donatella Versace, please stop putting your daughter in anything smocked. Oh yeah, and your boys too. You know that makes them gay, right? (Or not. But seriously. Stop.)
So, with the change of seasons, I have been a mad woman on a shopping spree for Bimmer's fall wardrobe. It's kinda pointless though, since we wear shorts into October and long sleeves aren't really a necessity until after Thanksgiving here. But, let's not forget, deep down, I am a woman, and sometimes a woman just needs to shop.
I'm not going to pimp ridiculously ugly brands with lots of mix-matched patterns. Nor am I going to tell you that it's OK to put your 3 month old daughter in a 12 month sized top and call it a dress. Most times, it won't fit, and it will just look stupid. What I am going to tell you, are some of the cute things I've scored for Bimmer for this fall and point out some other things I would love if she was a smidge larger and could fit into a 2T.
Carter's is always a go to for me. Here are a few of the fall staples that Bimmer will be rocking paired with some skinny jeans or leggings...

A few things I didn't buy, but think are pretty stinkin' cute...

Old Navy is usually hit or miss for me in the adult section, but they have some pretty great kid's clothes. And with the sales they run, who can beat it?

A few things I managed to resist, but I'm not sure why...
(I totally went a few days ago and bought a gray/teal short-sleeved version of this)

Boden is a new one for me, and I snagged some end of summer sales and took a chance ordering stuff for next year. I just can't resist the little bit of originality that is coming with these items. It's not stuff every other kid is going to have here in the states. Especially in SC.
If I were more sure of how their sizes run, and if I hadn't already been on a massive shopping spree, these would look adorable in her wardrobe...

Now, come next year, when Bimmer is in a size 2T, we are going to be in some serious trouble, because then we'll be able to shop at Crew Cuts and Vineyard Vines.

All in all, my only rules for dressing Bimmer? I want her to be comfortable. I want it to be something that will go on and off easily. I need it to be something that will wash OK. I have also learned that darker colors and patterns are better for sending her to school, since she gets so dirty eating and playing on the playground. We're in a stage where a lot of white doesn't make sense. And in general, dresses don't make much sense either. I've not gotten her any for fall/winter and don't really plan on it. A denim skirt with some leggings will get her through any "occasion" that we have on the books that requires a skirt.
Maybe in the spring, I'll have her do a little fashion show. Man... who would have ever thought I would become THIS mom?

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The Fischer Family said...

LOVE Carter's! Their clothes are just about perfect! I was always a sucker for Children's Place and Gymboree. And Gap Kids...oh Gap Kids! Now with 4 I usually hit up Goodwill or the Consignment shop! Lol- but still score name brands, even if they are a few seasons old. Loved all the clothes you showed..our tastes are very similar!