Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All's Fair in Love & Cookies

I've written about it before, but the draw of deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough is always worth a trip to Columbia each fall for the SC State Fair.
It just so happened to work out this year that we were traveling back from Charleston after a wedding (HERE) and we needed to stop in Columbia to drop off Kimhead. So the four of us decided it was a perfect time to take Bimmer back to the state fair for the second time.
Since having the baby, my plan of attack at the fair has drastically changed. I used to walk around, check out all the games and watch people on the rides. I used to meander for hours and snack on anything and everything that looked interesting. Now? We're lucky if we're there over an hour. Especially this trip... Bimmer is very much an independent toddler who did NOT want to stay in her stroller. (It actually prompted me to buy her a leash. Updates on that once we've used it!) So, with a baby in tow, we checked out some animals, ate a quick lunch, watched the carousel, and then dove into that cookie dough.
Bimmer is such a smart cookie. (Pun intended.) She bit off the top of the fried goodness, creating a hole to get straight down into the dough, and then just licked out the center. It was pretty much the cutest and most hilarious eating adventure we've had so far. I was strangely proud of her.
Maybe next year, she'll be old enough to ride some rides!

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