Monday, November 5, 2012

My Fair Lady

The day after our adventure to the European Auto Show (HERE) we took our festival-train into Columbia to visit Kimhead and Rach and hit up the SC State Fair!


Bimmer was NOT in a good mood though. The car show the day before, plus the drive, plus teething, plus an upset tummy, plus not sleeping well... recipe for disaster! All that being said, Bimmer was better than she could have been. She was intrigued by the animals and those kept her attention for quite awhile. But in general, I think she was just overwhelmed by everything new to check out and all the people.

And she was probably just as perplexed as I was when Puff decided to chow down on this...


A burger on a donut? Yeah, not my thing. I saved my calorie intake for the week for the best fair food ever...


Awwww.... I could pee myself with excitement over deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough! And the state fair is the only place I've ever seen it. Oh, it's heaven on a plate.


Looks like Bimmer agrees :)

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