Friday, June 28, 2013

My Daddy's Girl

As you are well aware, Father's Day just passed. And this year was much more fun for Puff and Bimmer. (She wasn't very interesting at 3 weeks old last year!)
Is your heart melting like mine, seeing this photo????
I left the day's itinerary totally up to Puff. I had planned to take him to a swanky brunch downtown, but he nixed it in favor of a local Jewish bakery that makes delish garlic bagels. The baby then graced us with a 2 hour morning nap. SWEET!!!
Puff's gift this year was a Pawley's Island hammock. He has been talking about one since forever, so I finally broke down and got it for him. Err... Bimmer finally got it for him. We already had hooks between the big oak in our backyard and an adjacent dogwood from the previous owner, so it was perfect.
Even within the first few days of having it, I would find Puff sneaking off to lay in it and read a book, or taking Bimmer out there to enjoy a before bed swing. I have a feeling it's going to become a favorite place for us this summer.
It's just awesome that my husband is a pretty awesome father and that Bimmer loves him so much. They are my world. Happy (belated) Father's Day, Puff. I could never begin to repay you for the amazing gift you gave me when you gave me our daughter.

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