Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One is the Lucky Number

Following our cut-short trip to The Fort and The Great White North to visit family, I came to a pretty solid life decision...
Even if you put a gun to my head, I would not get pregnant again.
Yup... I've said it. I am leaning a hard right toward having Bimmer be an only child.
I know I mentioned it before a few months back, but it's really weighing on my mind. Puff and I had decided that we would know by the end of this year if we wanted to try for baby #2 or not. I'm pretty sure he is content with one. I was the hold out. And right now, I am pretty darn content with just having my sweet, angel, Bimmer.
The fact that trip was horrible in the sense of her being sick, not sleeping, and throwing car-seat tantrums? Yeah, that was probably the reason I oh-so-suddenly felt so strongly on the subject! But then it led to me thinking of a lot of other benefits. And as horrible as it sounds, a major theme kept creeping back into my thoughts... I didn't want to be broke.
Puff and I both have good jobs and make enough money. We live in a desirable neighborhood, own 3 cars, and have enough fun money to eat out, splurge on entertainment, and travel. Another baby would mean a heck of a lot less disposable cash since we'd be paying for child care for two, having to buy more diapers, formula, and car seats. Another baby meant more sleepless nights, frustrations with the baby and with each other, and putting the ever-important family vacations on hold. You can fly to Iceland with 3 people a lot easier (and cheaper) than with 4.
Does saying that make me the most shallow person ever?
We have time to change our minds. You never know when holding someone else's sweet little baby or seeing Bimmer pass an awesome milestone may flip that maternal switch back the other way. We're not taking any drastic preventative measures. But know that we're not trying. Not right now. Not any time soon. We want to give Bimmer all the opportunities to see and experience the world that we can.... be it through going to the circus or visiting museums in NYC or driving across Croatia.
For now, I'm on a mission to start planning some 2014 vacations. I think 2 years old is a good age to start to fly.

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