Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bikini Clad

I'm cheating a little bit with this post, but Bimmer was just too darn cute not to share.
To back up for a second... ever since I have lived in The Bungalow, I have commented that I could not wait to have a baby so I could get a kiddie pool for the backyard. I like to be out getting sun, but I get hot very easily, so I would love to have a little pool I could dip into. So when Bimmer was born, I knew full well that a pool was in our immediate future. Puff and I scoped out several stores before settling on an inflatable one that was big enough in diameter that I could join her inside.
On the first non-scheduled, sunny, Saturday of the summer, I busted that puppy out. I didn't care that my house was a mess... I wanted to get outside and spend that time with my baby girl. How can you resist this insane cuteness???
She was super excited as we were filling it with water, but once we put her inside and she felt how cold it was, she freaked out. From then on, she would only sit inside if I was sitting with her. Eventually she thought crawling around the deck, risking splinters in her knees, sounded like a better plan. And then we collected every leaf on the deck and threw them into the pool. She was a dirty, gross mess when we finished.
It's one of my favorite memories of the summer! I can't wait until we have more laid back weekend days to play together as our little family!

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